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Arlington National Cemetery

Veteran’s Day should be a National Day of recognition on a par with Independence Day.
The reason is that although all of us say thanks to our Vets for their service, do we really know their sacrifice, particularly those among us who have not served.

Limited Tort vs. Full Tort: What Is The Difference?

Several drivers in Pennsylvania are in the dark when it comes to knowing the difference between the full tort insurance options versus the limited tort insurance options. However, the difference between the two can have a significant impact on you and/or your loved ones in the unfortunate event that any of you are involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Why We Need A Strong Civil Justice System

Making Medicine Safer – The civil justice system gives families of patients who have died or been injured by medical negligence an avenue to seek accountability. What would nursing homes be like without the civil justice system? Stories of neglect are all too common in American nursing homes.

What To Do If You’re Involved In A Motor Vehicle Accident

Often times, clients come into our office after being involved in a car accident and tell us that they weren’t sure what to do immediately after being in the accident. Here, you will find an outline of steps you should be taking following your involvement in a car accident.

Personal Injury Lawyers Develop a Clear Case for Liability

Liability or fault is the primary piece of an injury claim of any kind. It is clear in some claims and not so clear in others. The law must be applied to the facts and the facts must be investigated. This is the primary reason that anyone who suffers a debilitating injury from trauma or medical treatment should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

A Decedent’s IRA Account

Millions of people have IRA accounts. These Individual Retirement Accounts often times are quite large, the result of the person’s hard work and sacrifice in contributing to the account over their entire career. As important as it is to contribute to these retirement accounts, it is also important to manage these accounts from an investment standpoint as well as properly providing for a named beneficiary in the event of the account holder’s death.

Top 10 Reasons To Retain a Personal Injury Attorney

It costs you nothing up-front to hire a personal injury lawyer. Most personal injury lawyers represent their injury victims on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay anything up-front, and you do not incur any attorneys’fees unless you are awarded compensation for your injuries or other damages.

Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you recently been involved in a serious auto accident? Are you currently dealing with the pain and anguish from medical malpractice? If you are a victim of personal injury and you would like to receive justice, it may be time to find help.

Welcome to the FalvelloLaw.com Blog

Welcome to the FalvellowLaw.com Blog. Falvello Law has represented serious accident victims in Northeastern Pennsylvania for four generations. Since 1923, our attorneys have prosecuted countless cases and have recovered millions of dollars for their clients.

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